10 Most Popular States For Millennials (You’ll Never Guess Number 1!)

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U.S. News measured the annual average growth rate of people between the ages of 25 to 29 years old in each state over a three-year period from 2013 to 2016, in order to see where the majority of young Americans were relocating to. The national average was a 1.9% growth rate. Here are the 10 most popular states that young people are moving to:

  1. North Dakota — You could poll almost any amount of people on the street, and no one would guess North Dakota as a popular spot for millennials. The state has enjoyed plenty of economic growth over the last few years and America’s youth have noticed — and contributed. Young population growth: 5.1%.
  2. Washington — Millennials love coffee and tech — Washington, specifically Seattle, are filled with coffee and tech. A perfect match. Young population growth: 3.6%.
  3. Michigan — Millennials also love coming up with new ideas and innovations, and Michigan is actually great for patent creation, ranking in the top 10. Young population growth: 3.4%.
  4. Florida — Florida is great for visiting, but this beautiful state is also perfect for young people starting their lives. Young population growth: 3.3%.
  5. South Carolina — Myrtle Beach and Charleston are extremely popular for millennials. Plus, the University of South Carolina’s out-of-state student body has been significantly growing. Young population growth: 3.2%.
  6. Delaware — Although Delaware might not come to mind when people think about great states for millennials, its beaches and healthy market are extremely welcoming to America’s youth. Young population growth: 3.2%.
  7. Tennessee — Tennessee’s most exciting city, Nashville, has had approximately 100 people moving to the city each day from July 2015 to July 2016. Young population growth: 3.2%.
  8. Oregon — A popular area of the state, Benton County, actually has a median age of only 32.5 years. Young population growth: 3.0%.
  9. Arizona — Over the last few years, many more people have been entering Arizona, rather than leaving — especially millennials. Young population growth: 3.0%.
  10. Nevada — Some millennials are actually leaving California in order to take advantage of Nevada’s affordable housing market and lower cost of living. Young population growth: 2.9%.

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