5 of the Most Popular Reasons Why People Move

ashburn moversPeople move all the time. They move out of their parent’s house, into college dorm rooms, into their own homes, to other states, and all over the world. Everyone has their own personal reasoning for moving to one place or another — but there certainly are some options that are more popular than others.

Here are some of the main reasons why people move into new communities, homes, apartments, and more:


  1. Current living space is too small — The need for more space is one of the main drivers behind a residential move. If you are starting a family, it’s going to be difficult to remain inside a small home or a tight apartment. You’ll need to earn some extra cash, sure, but relocating to a larger home is a great reason for young families to move.
  2. Job changes — Job chances are also one of the most common reasons someone starts searching for Ashburn movers. Hopefully, this reasoning is due to a big promotion or a dream job in another location. But sometimes a job-related move involves the loss of a job, causing the mover to move back in with family or move into a more affordable home.
  3. College education — College education is actually a strong marker of the likelihood to move. In fact, 77% of college graduates have changed communities at least once, compared with just over half (56%) of those with a high school diploma or less. Also, college grads are more likely to have lived in multiple states.
  4. Aging — As people age, their responsibilities change as well. Mostly, elderly people hope to be closer to their family as they grow older. Living in a two-story home could provide some difficulties for the elderly, as well.
  5. Seeking new adventures — Anyone can get bored of their current living situation. Moving to a new place can be terrifying, stressful, and overwhelming — but it can also be life changing. Everyone needs some sort of adventure in their life at some point, so go for it!



Whatever your reason is for moving, make sure you’re working alongside professional Ashburn movers for quality moving assistance. If you want to hire Ashburn movers or find experienced movers in Fairfax, Arington, Alexandria, or Reston, contact Craig Van Lines right away.

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