5 People Who Can Benefit From Storage the Most

If you’re the owner of a home or the renter of an apartment, you might be wondering why people choose to rent a storage unit. The added expense seems unnecessary if you’re living on your own; however, there are countless people who need the added space a storage unit can provide, especially after moving.

If you’re thinking about renting a storage unit, here are some of the top five groups of people who can benefit the most from this purchase:

College students

College students are one of the primary groups who can benefit from renting a storage unit. After all, many students are moving cross-country to attend the college of their dreams. As they begin to accumulate goods — including bulky bed frames, dressers, and luggage — it might be impossible to haul these items back and forth at a reasonable price.

Additionally, it doesn’t make sense to bring a bed back to your parents’ house where you already have what you need. Instead of struggling to move each fall and spring, why not invest in a storage rental?

That way, you can keep all your bulky items safely tucked away for the summer. If you team up with another college student to split the costs, this fee is even lower. This can help make your trip back to college a fun affair instead of something you dread. Additionally, up to 75% of college graduates will continue to move somewhere new after graduation; this makes renting a storage unit even more valuable if you’re constantly on the move.

Downsizers and empty nesters

When the final child is out the door, many parents don’t know what to do with the excess space they’ve now acquired. One of the most logical steps is to downsize your home or apartment so you’re not paying for space you barely use. This is a great financial and psychological step to adjust to life without kids in the house.

But even though you’re downsizing, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up all your stuff. Many people want to hold onto the extra beds, the photo albums, and the holiday decorations which might not fit in their new home with ease. Instead of struggling to live among the clutter, many downsizers have found that renting a storage unit is the answer they need after moving.

Nearby storage centers are the best way to access your lesser-used goods when you need them. That includes countless holiday decorations, unused furniture, and seasonal clothes that you simply don’t have the room for. When you’re moving to a smaller home or apartment, renting a storage unit can help keep the things you love, even if they’re not being used.


Storage units are also a great way to protect your car during the winter. For those who have invested thousands upon thousands of dollars on a nice car, it can be inconceivable to drive their cherished vehicle through the hail of winter. A larger storage unit is the perfect answer to protecting your valuable vehicle.

But seasonal vehicle owners can also benefit from this option. After all, motorcycles, mopeds, boats, and RVs are known as seasonal items that can’t be driven in the winter (though you can certainly try). When you run out of room to protect your favorite summer vehicles, investing in a storage unit is one of the best ways to protect it from the elements.

Home renovators

If you have decided to renovate your home, you’ll need space to store your belongings. Home renovations can take months if you’re lucky. More often than not, they can take up to a year to complete. Instead of bringing your belongings to your temporary living space, a storage unit can keep these items safe until your home project is finally complete.

Small business owners and self-starters

Starting a small business is exciting, but you might not have room for all your inventory. When you want to keep an organized workplace, relying on a storage unit for extra supplies and inventory storage is essential to running a business. That way, you can focus on your craft and customer service instead of swimming in a pile of items waiting to be shipped.

Of course, there are countless other people who can benefit from the space a storage unit has to offer. Whether you’re moving to a new town or looking for more space, rely on Craig Van Lines to provide you with the storage you need.

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