How To Make Your Move Hassle Free

Moving is never easy. That’s just a fact. Get this – we’re always running advertisements in Google and other search engines so that people who are moving in northern Virginia can easily find us. The most popular ad – by far – tells people, “Get a Hassle Free Move.”

But after over 80 years and four generations of movers in the Craig family, we don’t need statistics to tell us that having a hassle free move is what people want – we know it because we live it every day!

So what should you do if you want to have an easy go of it?

Here are a few tips that will help make your moving day go smoothly…

1) Learn about your moving company. With so much information at our fingertips, there is no reason not to do your homework! Often times, Fred Craig himself will come to your home to meet with you and prepare an estimate. When you can look the owner in the eye and get information, you can be confident in the service you’ll be getting.

2) Insist on a professional crew. One thing you may run into – especially in the discount movers – is a non-professional crew. Sure, college kids need jobs, but this is your life we’re talking about. Craig Van Lines movers are professionals – this is what they do for a living. Many of our movers have been with us for more than a decade – some longer than that!

3) Take inventory of your delicate items. When your getting your quote for residential moving, it is always a good idea to review all of the items that will need special care and attention during the move.

4) Get the right packing supplies. You would be shocked at how many boxes we go through! It will make your moving day a LOT easier if you get a variety of box sizes, the proper tape and packing material and get your small items packed in a well organized fashion.

5) Take the time to interact with your crew. When the crew arrives at your home, take a moment and greet each one. A short conversation introducing yourself to the group and getting to know them a little will help you throughout the day. If you have a bit of rapport with your crew, it will go a long way when something needs extra attention. Craig Van Lines crews are trained to be very attentive to your needs so this is no problem with us!

Moving can be a real hassle – especially in the hustle and bustle of northern Virginia. We’re here to make your move as easy as it can be. Call us when you’re ready!

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...I have moved a great deal and this was one of the very best moves. A heartfelt thank you to the Craig team for a job well done...