Interesting America: 4 Eccentric Towns Across the Country

residential moving serviceEvery year, approximately 43 million Americans move. They move across the street. They move across the country. They move into old apartments. They move into new homes. These Americans often consult with residential moving services and start new lives in all sorts of interesting communities around the country.

Whether you’re planning on moving to an eccentric new location or not, hopefully, this information will help you at least appreciate your own town’s quirkiness or get you excited about your next big move.

Here are some of the most interesting places to move to or even visit around the United States:

    • Gibsonton, Florida — This community is one of the most original and eccentric areas in the entire world. Gibsonton is a retirement community and the official home for people who either have worked or are still apart of the circus industry.


    • Hell, Michigan — Welcome to Hell. This small town in Michigan is interesting because of the name and was even featured on the Travel Channel’s Extreme Towns. Additionally, in 2008, Kentucky Fried Chicken had a creative promotional sweepstakes dubbed “Hotter Than Hell,” which gave away 500 coupons every day for free hot wings for those whose hometowns temperature was higher than Hell, Michigan’s temperature.


    • Accident, Maryland — Another well-named town that residential moving services can help get you to. Accident is a small town with a total population of only about 325 people. According to the book Labels for Locals, a person from Accident is actually called an “Accidental.” Awesome.


  • Monowi, Nebraska — You might not want to move here because you’ll be doing the town a disservice. Not because you’re not welcome, but because this is the only town in the world with a total population of just one person. The only resident of the town is a woman who owns a bar and a public library for visitors.

If you are ready to move into any of these interesting towns or any other place across the country, give residential moving services a call and work with experienced moving professionals. Contact Craig Van Lines for movers in Gainesville VA and enjoy your next big move!


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