Top Tips to Move with Pets

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Moving can be hard work, but it’s even more difficult when you’re toting along your furry friends. It’s not uncommon for animals to feel immense stress when they go through major life changes, whether they have paws or claws.

When you’re moving to a new town, city, or state, try relying on these top tips and tricks to move with your beloved pets.

Before you move

In the midst of towering boxes, countless cleaning supplies, and hiring moving professionals, you might think it’s impossible to schedule more appointments. However, it’s vital that you get your pet checked out by your local vet before investing in a move. This is especially important if it’s a long move to another state. Some pets may not be fit for travel while others may need special accommodations for longer stints on the road. Regardless, contacting your vet is essential in order to get your pet’s records, prescription medications, and chip updates while you’re between houses. In some cases, your vet might be able to recommend a vet nearby your new home.

Before you make your big move, you should try to keep your pet secluded from the action of moving. Too many changes to their environment at once can promote feelings of stress, anxiety, and even depression in some animals. This is especially important if you rely on the help of moving professionals. Though your Alexandria moving company will be able to work quickly and efficiently, the presence of strangers can always put a pet on their guard. Keep your pet confined to one area of the house while professional movers do their job. This will also prevent your animals from getting in the way of your moving professionals. This will also prevent them from escaping since the doors of your home are opening and closing frequently. You should only pack up your pet to move when you’re ready to leave your home for good.

During your move

When you begin your move, there are a number of factors to consider while on the road. One of the best things you can do is include an emergency kit for your pet. This includes water, paper towels, and any grooming tools you might need on the ride. If your pet relies on any medication, you should also keep this in an easily accessible spot throughout your drive.

Above all else, you should always move your pet in the same car as you. While professional movers are known for handling gentle objects, not all movers are adept at transporting animals. Traveling with your pets will ease the burden on your professional movers and guarantee that your pets are more at ease.

It might also be tempting to let your pet out of their cage or kennel, but this is never recommended by professional movers. In the event your pet escapes from your grasp, you may never be able to find them again. Most cats and dogs will be able to hold their bladders for hours at a time while fish and reptiles should never be taken from their cages. Here are some of the best tips to move each of these pets:

  • Dogs: Even though dogs have a reputation for loving car rides, not all canines are built for life on the road. Smaller breeds, in particular, have a difficult job maintaining their balance in cars, causing them to get car sick. You should always confine your dog to an appropriately sized kennel to prevent accidents and injuries on the road. Buckle small kennels into the back seat and store your larger crates in the trunk. If you’re dealing with a nervous dog, try not to feed them the morning of your move. This will prevent any accidents from occurring in the car.
  • Cats: Cats should be treated in a similar manner to dogs. Be sure to secure their crate and provide a little extra cushion for support. Many animals are soothed by the smell of their owner, so putting in a worn t-shirt or another piece of clothing can help ease anxiety during the ride.
  • Birds: Birds might often seem flippant, but they’re actually incredibly sensitive to sudden changes. Transporting your bird in a specially designed carrier can help limit rocking and bumpiness on the road. Introduce your bird to this cage a few weeks before your trip to get them used to it. Throughout your ride, you should also keep your bird out of direct sunlight with a blanket or cover and try to stick to as normal of a routine as possible.
  • Fish: Moving a 20-gallon tank full of water simply won’t do. Not only will this make a huge mess, but it puts a serious strain on your professional movers. Before you move with fish, be sure to put them in plastic bags or five-gallon buckets with water and plants from your tank and drain the rest. Transporting an empty tank will help prevent leaks and it also serves as a great transporter for all your fish supplies. Just be sure to pad the tank so your supplies don’t cause a break in the glass.
  • Exotic pets and reptiles: You should always check that the location to which you’re moving accepts this type of animal in your state. Unfortunately, some locations have ordinances against the importation of certain species due to biohazards or other means. After you ascertain that you can bring your pet, purchase a special carrier to ensure they’re comfortable on the move. Keep in mind that venomous reptiles must be transported inside two containers while non-venomous can be transported by one. Ensure your terrarium is devoid of any water and pad it well during transport.

These are just some of the best tips you can utilize to transport your pet.

After your move

The hard part is over, but the worst is yet to come. Transitioning your pet into a new living space can be just as stressful as getting them ready for the move, even if you use the skills of moving professionals to ease your journey. Keep in mind that your pet will need time to adjust to a new space. Be sure to shower them with extra love and affection while they get used to their new home.

When you’re moving with a pet, rely on Alexandria moving professionals to make it a little easier. For moving help you can rely on, choose the moving professionals at Craig Van Lines to get the job done right.

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