Working With Moving Professionals Can Help You Avoid These 3 Mistakes

alexandria va moversEvery year, about 43 million Americans move. Moving is an exciting time but it’s also quite overwhelming if you aren’t careful. Have you packed? Have you labeled everything? Have you changed your address? Have you done the countless other important things that you need to do in order to ensure a successful move? Probably not.

That’s where Alexandria VA movers come in. Moving professionals can help relieve all that moving day stress and ensure that you are ready to get your new life started at your new location in as little time as possible. If you aren’t working with professional movers, you’ll likely make all kinds of costly moving mistakes, ranging from minor annoyances to serious problems. Here are some of those moving mistakes that you should always look out for:

  • Procrastinating — Everyone procrastinates and usually can bounce back afterward… but when it comes to a major move, procrastinating can lead to some serious problems. If you’re moving in three months, for instance, you shouldn’t wait two and a half months to start packing because life happens and things will come up and that two and a half months will turn into the full three months. Now you’re moving tomorrow and you haven’t even gotten any boxes. You cannot procrastinate packing for a move. Start slow but start early, which will make your move much more enjoyable.
  • Not transferring utilities or forwarding mail — Doing this can be time-consuming, sure, but these are essential tasks for anyone moving to a new home. Though professional movers won’t forward your mail for you, you’ll at least be able to focus more on tasks like this while your movers focus on the physical act of packing and unloading. Indicate your moving date at the post office and talk to your utilities provider about transferring everything to your new location.
  • Neglecting to take inventory — The last thing you want to do once you move into your new home is shuffle through all those boxes and bags, looking for your toothbrush. As you pack, make a list of exactly what is going inside each box. It’s best to number the boxes and label all their contents, as well as what specific roof of your new home they will go.

Again, by working with professional Alexandria VA movers, you and your family can prevent the aforementioned mistakes and have a stress-free, seamless move.

If you’re planning for a big move and are in need of moving assistance, contact professional Alexandria VA movers — give Craig Van Lines a call right away!

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