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Change Your Life For the Better: 3 Reasons to Move Away In Your 20s

August 14th, 2018

Although one-third of all people in their 20s move at some point during a year, the moves are usually from a dorm room to an apartment, from a parent’s house to a nearby apartment, or back into a parent’s home. All those moves are fine but they don’t provide the kind of life-changing experiences that […]

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Interesting America: 4 Eccentric Towns Across the Country

July 11th, 2018

Every year, approximately 43 million Americans move. They move across the street. They move across the country. They move into old apartments. They move into new homes. These Americans often consult with residential moving services and start new lives in all sorts of interesting communities around the country. Whether you’re planning on moving to an […]

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Here Are Some Reasons People of All Ages Move to New Locations

June 6th, 2018

Whether you’re living in your parents’ house or a small apartment downtown, it might be time for you to consider moving out. You might want to upgrade your lifestyle and move into a nicer apartment a few blocks away, or you might want to pack all your bags and move to a new community altogether. […]

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4 Popular Reasons to Consider Relocation

June 4th, 2018

Relocation can be great for some, but for many Americans, it rarely enters the minds. The majority of adults (57%) have not lived outside their current home state in the United States. At the opposite end of the spectrum, however, a total of 15% have lived in four or more U.S. states. Moving to a […]

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3 Things to Do Before Your Big Move

May 3rd, 2018

The warm weather is finally here and it might be time for you to start packing your things and moving into a new home. Nearly half of all moves take place during the summer sometime between May and Labor Day. You can’t just find a new apartment or house and wait until moving day to […]

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4 Common Reasons Why Americans Move to a New Home

March 26th, 2018

Roughly 43 million Americans move every year. That’s a lot of relocation. Americans are moving a lot, and they are all doing it for their own reasons. Although moving can be incredibly stressful, the reason behind it is obviously enough for the movers to go through with the headache. Here are some of the most […]

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In a Funk? Consider Making a Major Life Change

March 7th, 2018

Life is hard. If you’re feeling in a bit of a funk lately, you should consider taking some big steps toward a healthier and happier life. You have to take dozens of aspects into consideration when it comes to making some of these major decisions, however. But as long as you can stay organized with […]

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3 Pro Moving Tips to Lighten the Load

February 8th, 2018

Every year, approximately 43 million Americans move to a new home or apartment. A large percentage of those moves go horribly wrong due to so many reasons. It’s important that you do all you can to avoid becoming a victim of a stressful moving situation. Hopefully these tips will help you relocate to your new […]

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4 Major Reasons Why Millennials Are On the Move

January 12th, 2018

Not everybody wants to relocate. Some people find a great home in their early 20s, move down the street a few years later, and then stay in that spot for the rest of their life — which is completely fine. That’s an older way of doing things. Now that the millennial generation is old enough […]

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3 Moving Day Big Mistakes to Avoid

December 20th, 2017

If you’re thinking about making a move to a new location in the next few months, there is a lot you’re going to have to start planning. More than 63% of adults have moved to a new community at least once in their lives, while 37% have never left their hometown. Whether you’re moving to […]

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...I have moved a great deal and this was one of the very best moves. A heartfelt thank you to the Craig team for a job well done...