4 Common Reasons Why Americans Move to a New Home

March 26, 2018
Roughly 43 million Americans move every year. That's a lot of relocation. Americans are moving a lot, and they are all doing it for their own reasons. Although moving can be incredibly stressful, the reason behind it is obviously enough for the movers to go through with the headache. Here are some of the most common reasons that people are moving in America today. They want an upgrade Typically when people buy their first home, they buy what they can afford, even if it's a dump. The excitement

In a Funk? Consider Making a Major Life Change

March 07, 2018
Life is hard. If you’re feeling in a bit of a funk lately, you should consider taking some big steps toward a healthier and happier life. You have to take dozens of aspects into consideration when it comes to making some of these major decisions, however. But as long as you can stay organized with your planning and think positive, these decisions can drastically improve your life and give you that much-needed change. Here are some major life changes to consider making over the next few

3 Pro Moving Tips to Lighten the Load

February 08, 2018
Every year, approximately 43 million Americans move to a new home or apartment. A large percentage of those moves go horribly wrong due to so many reasons. It's important that you do all you can to avoid becoming a victim of a stressful moving situation. Hopefully these tips will help you relocate to your new place seamlessly so you can get right to unpacking and enjoying this next great step in your life. Wait until it’s nice out So many movers get fed up with their apartment or home dur

4 Major Reasons Why Millennials Are On the Move

January 12, 2018
Not everybody wants to relocate. Some people find a great home in their early 20s, move down the street a few years later, and then stay in that spot for the rest of their life -- which is completely fine. That's an older way of doing things. Now that the millennial generation is old enough to make their own decisions, the majority of young people are deciding on one thing: relocation. Millennials are packing up their items, contacting residential moving services, and moving wherever they wa

3 Moving Day Big Mistakes to Avoid

December 20, 2017
If you're thinking about making a move to a new location in the next few months, there is a lot you're going to have to start planning. More than 63% of adults have moved to a new community at least once in their lives, while 37% have never left their hometown. Whether you're moving to a new community or not, in order to ensure a successful and stress-free move, there are a bunch of things that you need to do prior to the move. The easiest way to tack on more stress during the moving day, how

3 Ways to Make Life Easier for Your Movers

November 02, 2017
Each year, about 43 million people in the United States move from one home to another, and this year, you're one of them. There are so many pros and cons of moving, and some may say that a major con of moving is the moving process itself. To alleviate a little stress and frustration, many people will research and hire local movers. This professional moving assistance will take all of the heavy lifting off of your shoulders, and once you've worked with professionals, you may never move without

Moving Soon? 4 Helpful Tips to Lighten the Load

October 02, 2017
The average person moves about 12 times during their lifetime. But whether it's your first ever move or your 12th, moving is never easy. Because there are so many things you have to worry about when planning and executing a move, it's essential that you get all the moving help possible. Here are some ways to literally and figuratively lighten the load for you during your moving day. Clean your home and organize everything before you pack Before you even start packing, it's a great idea to

4 Tips for Guaranteeing a Stress-Free Move

August 29, 2017
Every year, roughly 43 million Americans move somewhere new. Relocating to a new location, no matter the reason, can simultaneously be the most exciting and most stressful time of a person’s life. Because relocating is such a major life decision, it’s important that you spend some time considering every single aspect of your new home and how your life is going to change. Hopefully, these few tips will help make the move much less stressful once you finally take this exciting leap into

How To Successfully Move — By Yourself

July 20, 2017
In the United States, 43 million people move every year. Approximately 18% of these moves are due to military relocation, 40% are because of work, and 42% are due to personal choices. Whatever the case may be for you, it's important to be prepared to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Yet moving can be difficult if you're the only person available for the job. It happens. Your family made plans for the weekend you're supposed to move into a new apartment, your friends are wor

What Movers Cannot Move (How to Avoid Repacking)

July 07, 2017
You have a lot to consider when planning a move. Hiring a professional mover can significantly cut down on the amount of time and hassle involved. Before packing your belongings, it’s important to know what your movers cannot move. With careful planning and consideration you can avoid having to repack. The following are items that your movers WILL NOT move. Plants. It is against the law to move plants more than 150 miles without a permit. This law prevents the introduction of pests into n