Best Time to Move: NOW (With Craig’s Help)

April 19, 2017
The market is hot and you knew you'd have to act fast! That townhouse in Fairfax you’ve coveted for years just went on the market, and it was meant to be yours. It had to be. Scheduled an appointment with a realtor to see that corner unit in the hippest, most up-and-coming neighborhood in northern Virginia, CHECK. Perfect doesn’t even begin to describe this townhouse: Three bedrooms, tons of natural light, the perfect yard for the garden you want to plant. Offer submitted, CHECK. Yours wa

Make the Most of Your Move With These 3 Tips

March 22, 2017
Whether you have months to plan your move or you have to do everything in only a week or two, moves happen and you have to know how to handle them. Roughly 40% of all moves are due to work but there are plenty of personal and other reasons why you might need to pack up and go to a new place. It's important that you know how to make the most of the actual moving process. These tips should help your move go as successfully as possible. Sell All the Stuff You Don't Want A major issue with the m

A Few Great Reasons Why You Should Always Hire a Residential Moving Service

February 28, 2017
Did you know that 33% of renters move at least once every year? It's hard to imagine moving so often, but those who do rarely do it on their own. There are few things more beneficial than a residential moving service, especially if you find yourself relocating frequently. We've all tried to do a DIY move before and faced the many challenges that accompany it. Why struggle to move yourself in and out when you could enlist the help of professional movers? Here are just a few reasons why you sho

Pre-Clean Your New House & Other Tips for Moving to Northern VA

February 27, 2017
Tips, tips everywhere! Look the Web over, and you'll find list after list after list of "ways to make your move easier," but on each, there are a few things (easy things!) folks often miss... Craig Van Lines gets it. Planning a northern Virginia residential move is time consuming and stressful, and that's why we're here. Craig Van Lines can help prepare your home and belongs for the big northern VA move! A few tips: Pre-clean the new house! Your first day in your new home needs to be about m

3 Reasons to Move to a New Place When You’re Young

February 01, 2017
Moving to a new place when you're young should be required for every twenty-something in the United States. A college education is a key marker of the likelihood of these young adults to move to a new community, as three-quarters of college grads have changed communities at least once. Just over half of those with only a high school education have done so, and college grads are also more likely to live in multiple states. Depending on the location you're thinking about moving to, you can work

White House moving day: Behind the 5-hour flip between the Obamas and Trumps

January 20, 2017
Great article on The sprint begins the moment President Obama leaves the White House Friday morning with his family to head to the inauguration of his successor. That's when the clock starts at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for 95 staff members, who have roughly five hours to flip the White House for its new residents. Furniture gets swapped, walls repainted and artwork replaced, all in accordance with the wishes of the incoming first family. "They literally move all your stuff o

Merry Moving Season! Best Tips for a Successful Winter Move

December 15, 2016
Moving in the winter wasn't really the plan, but hey, sometimes plans change. The house you coveted in Loudoun County finally went on the market; it's just so perfect. Or, the nice young couple from Fairfax had their realtor call your realtor, and the family home sold much faster than expected; you're excited to downsize. So you better start packing. It's winter time, and time to move. Moving in the winter has advantages and disadvantages: potential savings, snow. Home prices are lower, bu

Will the Election of Donald Trump Affect Washington DC Real Estate Market?

December 06, 2016
It’s been four weeks, almost a month since the election of Donald J. Trump, and in 44 days he will be sworn in as President of the United States. Some say this is unprecedented, but this presidential transition of power is one Washington knows well. One family moves out; another family moves in. And with each, the thousands (3000 to be specific) move out, and in. That’s not even to mention Congress and the moving and shaking that happens outside the executive branch. Where it’ll stop, n

Moving to Arlington, VA? Here is a new resident checklist

October 13, 2016
Arlington, Virginia has become one of the top places to live in the country. There is a vibrant cultural scene with some of the best restaurants, bars, shops, and businesses to work for in the country. Easy commutes to Washington, D.C. have made this a great area to call home. Use this checklist to get all of your ducks in a row. Virginia Vehicle Registration If you are moving to Arlington from another state, then you will need to register your vehicle with the Virginia Department of Motor Veh

4 Tips to Consider When Moving to a New State

August 04, 2016
Relocating to a new state offers the opportunity to start fresh and experience a life you may not have otherwise planned. But, like anything new, moving can present its own unique challenges, from organizing what to bring and discard, to deciding where to enroll the kids in school, to ensuring everyone remains happy and positive. Truly, the devil is in the details. But because deciding where to move is the easy part, it's wise to cobble together a moving checklist to ensure you're not exclud