The Holidays Are Stressful. Moving During the Holidays? A Little Less So With a Little Help from Craig Van Lines

December 30, 2015
If you thought the holiday season was stressful... Can you imagine moving during the holidays? That's exactly what one northern Virginia family did this month, with a little help from the residential moving experts at Craig Van Lines. When their house sold faster — about three months faster! — than they expected, this Bristow-based clan needed to pack and get their belongings into storage in a hurry. How exactly would it be possible to wrangle the schedules of two busy teenagers, holida

Packing Yourself May Save You A Little Money, But Hiring a Professional Northern Virginia Mover Will Save You More than a Little Stress

November 10, 2015
Many families planning a move in northern Virginia often wonder: Should we pack our belongings ourselves and save money, or should we hire a professional for the task? Packing yourself may save you money… But it may also put your possessions at greater risk of damage during your move, while professional movers have the expertise and material to best protect your possessions. That, and truly, your time is valuable; why spend hours upon hours meticulously and carefully packing all of your item

Important Tips for Moving Success from Northern VA’s Residential Moving Experts

October 30, 2015
To make your move has pleasant as possible, northern Virginia's experts in residential moving are help to help — we'll help you move, and we'll help us help you move. Consider the following tips; heed our advice and do these things to prepare for big move. Save your northern Virginia movers time, and save yourself some money. Prior to Moving Day Appliances: Drain, empty, disconnect, unplug, tape doors and electrical (some require interior packing of movable parts). TVs: Disconnec

Take It From Our Happy Customers, Craig Van Lines is Northern Virginia’s Go-To Moving Company

September 03, 2015
Hey there, northern Virginia. Craig Van Lines here. While preparing to write this blog post extolling the virtues of our fine company, I had a much better idea. We've talked, and we've talked, and we've talked about Craig Van Lines' storied history; our experience helping northern Virginians move down the street, and across the state; and our expertise while providing area business with moving and storage services. You know it all, but what you may not know is this: Craig Van Lines has

Do It: Move to Northern Virginia Now

August 13, 2015
Did you know? This summer has seen quite the home sales boom for the greater Washington DC metropolitan area; recent data from RealEstate Business Intelligence (a subsidiary of MRIS) revealed a marked year-over-year increase (13 percent!) in home sales. With more than 5600 homes bought and sold in June of this year, it’s clear to see the housing market has rebounded, and is stronger than ever. Just look at the stats: 13 percent increase in area home sales over June 2014; seven straight m

Completed Linton Hall Rd Interchange Offers Traffic Relief for Gainesville Residents

July 29, 2015
It was a day years in the making, one Prince William County residents (not to mention all those thousands of northern Virginians who traveled from the outer suburbs in the direction of Washington DC and back again) had long anticipated. On Thursday, July 9, a ceremonial ribbon cutting marked this momentous occasion. With but a few finishing touches that remain, the Route 29 and Linton Hall Road interchange project in Gainesville is complete. The $230 million project successfully eliminated

Virginia Gateway Has Everything in Gainesville

July 16, 2015
Welcome to the neighborhood! Over the last eight decades, the professional movers at Craig Van Lines have been helping people move in, out, and around northern Virginia. It’s what the Craig family loves, and it’s what we do. So much that we know about the residential moving business, we also know that our job doesn’t end when the last piece of furniture is carried from the moving truck. (Did you know Craig Van Lines offers storage services to customers in northern Virginia? It’s tr

Useful Tips for Moving File Cabinets from Northern Virginia’s Commercial Moving Experts

June 29, 2015
Filing cabinets: Chances are your northern Virginia commercial office has at least a few. And sometimes, they have to be moved. Whether to a new office, or just out of the way for a chance to clean and dust, when filing cabinets have to be moved, certain precautions have to be taken. Consider these tips for moving filing cabinets: Moving Upright File Cabinets File cabinets that stand upright are the easier to move; all you, or the professional commercial movers you’ve hired need is a dolly

It’s Trade Show Season: All About Shipping and Material Handling for Exhibitors in Northern Virginia

June 17, 2015
Trade show season is nearly upon here in northern Virginia, and around the country. As you make your plans to send your staff off to Las Vegas, or Orlando, or anywhere in between, you’re also making plans to send your stuff. The process of getting your booth, supplies, and collateral from point A to point B seems fairly simple, but it’s actually far more complex than you even realize. Often referred to in trade show circles as ‘material handling and drayage’, this highly coordinated e

Americans are Moving Again & They’re Calling Northern Virginia’s Go-To Movers For Help

May 29, 2015
I’ve moved. You’re planning a move. Everybody moves at least a few times in their lives, right? Have you ever wondered just how many people move each year? There for a while, over the last decade, few people moved, because they couldn’t afford to. Now it seems the pendulum is swinging back, and as northern Virginia’s go-to residential moving company, we couldn’t be more excited about it. Americans are moving again. The following excerpt was originally published by USA Tod